Coming to our Spiritual Senses

We begin the prodigal's journey home to the eternal Spirit we call God when we recognise that our spiritual senses are debilitated. Our sight is dim and out of focus, our ears are blocked and sound is muffled, our mouths taste no sweet savour, life has no fragrance, and a cold numbness prevents us from feeling what's right under our finger tips.

Coming to our spiritual senses and accepting their need for care and attention is a crucial first step on the journey because it reveals the value of a discipline that nurtures our capacity to listen, to see, to smell, to taste, and to touch. We might then discover that what we really need has been present all along but we were unable to hear it, or see it, or smell it, or taste it, or touch it. We simply didn't know it was there.

"The same Spirit that made the globe is the indweller in the five senses of hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling" Gerrard Winstanley


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